Serenity collection was born in a moment when everything was still and quiet. In that moment, I was staring at a pheasant walking across the yard and got inspired by its beautiful plumage.
Serenity collection is made of silver, gold plated silver and bronze.
Journey collection started from a ring. The ring was made of white gold and it had a little diamond underneath the feathers. The idea of being safe under the wings is still there, reminding to take care of your loved ones. Journey earrings, silver & gold.
Sailor in love

Sailor in Love collection stands for happiness, hope and love. It´s made for all sailors and sea lovers. The pendant comes with 45 or 70 cm long anchor chain. Size of the pendant is approx. 3 cm. Little stud earrings made of 18k yellow gold and rose gold.


Phase is an origami-style collection which was originally based on the form of a rose. It was inspired by a very special love story including an anonymous flower delivery that led into a marriage. Phase cufflinks, necklace and earrings.

Rose Garden

Rose Garden jewellery is available in silver, yellow gold and rose gold.


Robot is a happy power jewelry for people in all ages. It can be used/worn as a neclace, keychain or a good luck charm.


Tune earrings and necklace 
Made of sterling silver


Diamond necklace is perfect everyday jewellery. The drop shaped diamond pendant reflects light beautifully with a long chain.


Balance earrings and bracelets were designed for one exhibition in 2018. Every stone is roughly cut and set in a unique way. The stones are amethyst, topaz and rock crystal.